About Me

A passion for animals and photography. I absolutely love what I do and am aiming to being one of the leading dog photographers in the UK. I also spend time travelling and photographing wildlife, my work and prints can be found here; www.alexgphotography.com

Portraying the unique spirit of every dog is my speciality. My aim is to create fine art prints of your dog.

From Beagles and Boxers to Spaniels and Shepherds, I love nothing more than discovering their personalities through the art of photography – and capturing happy memories of them on camera.

With the beautiful grounds of Hylands Park in Chelmsford as our background and equipped with just my camera, a packet of dog treats and a squeeky ball, we’ll spend time exploring the best locations for the photo shoot and I’ll get to know what makes your dog unique.

Its important to me that I capture natural images – snapshots of a moment in time when you’re pooch is doing what they love best.

During each photo session your furry friend will be free to run, roam, forage and enjoy themselves, whilst I work my magic behind the camera.