Labradoodle Puppies!

Labradoodle Puppy

What a special morning it was meeting these 7 gorgeous Labradoodle puppies. They are just 5 weeks old and will all be off to their new homes in a few weeks time. I was amazed by how sleepy they all were, but Simon the owner did let me know he’d been woken at 4.30am so they were all having a mid morning nap (followed swiftly by Simon I think!).

I was greeted at the door by the pups Mum and also their Grandma. Who were also both gorgeous and super friendly. The puppies had some calming music on (which may have also been a reason to send them to sleep!) but soon woke up as we walked into the conservatory. They had a cool little outside area to run around in and explore the world.

Photographing black dogs or puppies can always be tricky – even more so when you can’t get them to sit still! However I was absolutely delighted for them to have come out so well to be enjoyed by everyone and the puppies new owners.